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Summer Camp Opportunities!

It’s Summer Lacrosse camp registration time!  Here are the three best 2018 Summer Lacrosse Camps in the region for our Wolverines!  All three camps offer both boys and girls programs.  Currently only the Treasure State Camp is for girls, but there will be a Treasure State option for girls in Bozeman. We will post that link as soon as registration is open.


June 14-15 - Treasure State Lacrosse Camp (Boys and Girls)

Location: Victor at Sherman Park

2-Day Camp - $70-$135

Opinion/My Experience: We want everyone there, let’s make Teton Valley a home to at least one great lacrosse camp a year.  It will help attract great camps and great coachs to educate our players and coaches.  This is a great opportunity to hone some skills and get some good one-on-one coaching.  This will be a great way for us to learn together and work on playing with each other.

Register at: https://www.treasurestatelacrosse.com/page/show/4073126-victor-id-june-14-15



July 9-12 - Bozeman Rhino Boy's Lacrosse Camp

Location: Bozeman, MT – near Four Corners

4-days of Camp - $265-$385 / Player

Opinion/My Experience: Offers the best value in that it will have the largest number of players which gives kids a better opportunity to learn.    I would love to see the Bozeman camp turn into something that a large number of our kids attend with their families.   Last year Eloise and I stayed at Bozeman Hot Springs by Four Corners. This is a great spot to stay, is close to the camp, and would be a lot of fun for us all to congregate play and grill together.  Where to Stay: Bozeman Hot Springs Reservations -http://bozemanhotsprings.co/

Register at: https://www.rhinolacrosse.com/montanacamps



July 30-Aug 2 - Jackson Rhino Boy's Camp

Location: Jackson, WY at the Middle School fields

4-Day Camp - $265-$385

Opinion/My Experience: The coaching will be excellent, the location makes things easy and I anticipate lower numbers of individual players which gives your player more one-on-one time with coaches. 

Register at: https://www.rhinolacrosse.com/wyoming